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The month of May means it’s time to schedule in plans to celebrate Mother’s Day, and this year we’re giving you the chance to celebrate with a little something from us – a brand new YOGA Duet 7i laptop!

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Mums, sisters, aunties, best friends alike – we all have that special person that we go to for anything and everything. In celebration of Mother’s day, give a shoutout to mum or other female role model in your life, and say thanks! Share with the community who that person is in your life, and why you’ve chosen to spotlight them.

The most inspiring response will win a Yoga Duet 7i 13"! We look forward to seeing all your responses - good luck Slight smile

Competition ends 8th May 2022, open to AU residents only. For more information, see the terms and conditions here

  • I am a Support Worker and one day, on the 1rst of March 2021 I met a delightful lady called Jenny and her beautiful husband David, the person in need of assistance, I got the job immediately and they love me and loved them back as my own family and that's what we still are, even after "my beautiful new angel David" left us 6 months ago. Jenny has been incredible to me and my little family, in such a way that she invited us to her house for Christmas lunch, we love each other, we're family and is beautiful to me, as all my friends, siblings and relatives are overseas, in Argentina.

  • First, today when I write the shoutout is 28th Apr and I want to say happy birthday to my dearest mom. My mom is a primary school teacher and she used to teach Chinese and maths. In my memory, she is a tough teacher and also a strict mother. While in fact, she cares more about my physical and mental health instead of the scores. Whenever I encounter difficulties, she helps me solve them. She supports me forever no matter what. I will always be thankful for having such a wonderful mom. Wish her happiness and health always. Thank you and love you, mom!

  • Mother's Day is this Sunday, but one day is insufficient to express my gratitude to my mother for everything she has done for my family and me. My mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (papillary carcinoma) a few years ago and had surgery to remove half of her thyroid. She was also working on her PhD at the time. She was caring for three children while battling thyroid cancer and attending classes. Despite how difficult it was at times, she always put herself first. She would put her academics on hold simply so her children could have fun or so we could enjoy a fresh dinner every day. I will forever be grateful for my mother and everything she has ever done for us, and she deserves to be recognised more than anybody I have ever known.

  • I'd like to nominate my best friend Nikki from Mother's Group days

    Who has always given my parenting support and praise 

    Even when I was in the baby fog haze, 

    or lockdowns and lack of sleep left me in a daze, 

    or when my children were going through a difficult phase... 

    She gave me advice and would listen always

    and no doubt has saved me from growing additional grey's.

    So thank you Nikki for helping me through the parenting maze. 

  • Hello Mom.  Happy Mother's Day.  I still miss you since you passed away.  I wished you would have listened to me when I asked you to stop smoking multiple times over the years, then you may have had the time and funds to travel to get to hold your grandchildren for the first time.  Nevertheless, you taught me to always pick yourself up and keep going.  That is what in going to do, but I'm sad that it has to be without you.

  • I would like to shoutout one of my female friend Izabella, who is from Poland and has gone to the border to Ukraine at moment and has been helping with donations, food, clothing and funds to help people escape the war at the moment. I think it is a very admirable and important thing she has done and I think it is quite inspiring how she is helping random people in a time of crisis.

  • Hey mom, Happy Mother's Day.

    It is hard to summarise in words the undefined love of a mother and how much she sacrifice for her children. I would like to say thank you mom for everything you have done so far =) whatever I do it will only be a fraction of what you have done for me.

  • One of my earliest memories is being held by my Nonna while I was sick in hospital and she sung me a song in Italian. 35 years later and we still sing the same song, Itsy Bitsie Spider together, usually while in the kitchen cooking up am amazing meal. I adore my weekly catch ups (Covid was an absolute killer) but now we can back together I cherish every moment we spend together. 

  • So much of my personality comes from my mother, definitely my sense of humour and sarcastic way of looking at the world. She defended me when I was unfairly blamed for things, but told me when I was out of line. In high school, when my History teacher decided that my work was too good and obviously I just copied it from somewhere, my mum ripped into both the teacher and my father (who just figured that the teacher knew what she was talking about), telling them both that they had no idea what they were talking about, and about the hours I spent researching and constructing reports. It was my first experience with an educator who dismissed my abilities, and helped establish my mindset that it's ok to question authority and ask them to justify their actions. You should always stand up for yourself, but to learn this you need someone to stand up for you first and show you that it's worth fighting against an unjust decision or action.

  • “They can take away your medals, they will break your records, they can outshine you in every way possible, but they can never take away your knowledge and that is your power baby” - my mom after I went through a pretty horrific sports injury that cost me nearly everything.

    10 years later I look back on that statement a lot in my ever pursuit of knowledge. Two degrees later and another one in the midst, I realize my knowledge is my power and no one can ever take away my ability to learn and explore the world around me.