Do you have time for hobbies?

If so, what is the hobby for which you consistently set aside some time? How does your hobby help your balance student life with personal life?

  • Logo design is help me to see thing in deferent way 

  • yes sports both indoor and outdoor

  • Man is but a collection of habit!!

    I like doing yoga & meditation and It is particularly beneficial in the life of a student because it really helps me manage my emotions and to deal with any anxiety or worries or to just tackle the habit of over thinking, I keep a daily practice and generally feel more alert and active after finishing it so it has helped me a lot in managing my personal/professional life 

  • Nobody can work all day, every day. You've got to have time to decompress. A lot of people have mentioned sport -- and yes, I love running and swimming as it can completely exhaust you and relax you. But if your brain is still buzzing, then cooking something in a slow cooker takes hours. Playing chess is great too if your mind is all over the place; it helps you focus. Other than that, go to a clay pigeon shooting range and crack out 20 rounds. That's certainly carthartic!

  • Agree on the sports bit - I find when I'm stressed with a task that running really helps take my mind off it. And on the odd occasion, thinking about the task actually helps keep me running..? haha

    Clay pigeon shooting, wow that's an interesting one! I have to say I've only ever seen it in movies Open mouth

  • I enjoy getting the gym, studies have shown that physical exercise has positive effects upon brain chemistry and educational success.

    I'm very fortunate that there is a gym at my university, so this hobby isn't too taxing upon my time.

  • I play games, but finding time for other hobbies is definitely hard. I used to read a lot, but once my Education started ramping up it's been harder and harder to just read for fun.