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Congratulations to Caitlin Mills! 

We loved your response on how you’ve utilised Youtube and other sources of knowledge to build on your skillset for your law degree! We would love to hear if those methods of persuasion worked and you are now a proud dog owner! Laughing


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We are excited to announce our very first LenovoEDU Community competition!


We are giving away a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad L3i 15” laptop and, to win, we want to know what you have been up to. With the emergence of COVID-19, we have had to adapt to a new way of learning. There have been many new and innovative tools, apps and programs to help us all better ourselves while staying safe.

To win, we want to know how you’ve developed your knowledge and/or skills during this time – it could be a new skill or hobby you’ve picked up, a technique that you’ve learnt to master, or even a lifestyle change that you have perfected as you adapt to a new normal.  

To enter:

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How have you developed your knowledge or learnt new skills during the pandemic?

(bonus points for sharing an interesting fact you’ve learnt relating to your new skill!)


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We can't wait to see what you have to share - Good luck!

  • Thanks for posting the competition Sylvia and other Lenovo staff!

    During pandemic I used a lot of online resources to learn new things and develop new skills.

    Since I am a science student, I read a lot of book from the online archive of my university. I also followed a bunch of youtubers who regularly posts great teaching videos. I found them even better than my lectures. I also recommend looking for your favorite course on online learning platforms like coursera, which is free to everyone.

    In order to apply the knowledge I got into practice, I also found a few websites for virtual internship opportunities. For instance, the Forage. People can find their favorite industry and take a week to explore their introductory internship program. It is also free and I found it really useful.

    Most importantly, to maintain the mentally and physically healthy, I am keeping jogging around my suburb everyday.

    Lastly, make sure you check the LenovoEDU community regularly, I found some threads are really useful for learning new study skills and good lifestyles from other members!

    Hope these are useful! Stay safe everyone!

  • During the Pandemic, I took did a lot of online courses to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript/Typescript and React.  This is to give me a strong base for web and mobile development for future assignments and personal projects.

    One interesting fact I learned it's best to split state management of a react application based on what that the purpose of that state is used for, instead of dumping everything into Redux. So UI should have it's own state libaray and server state  is best managed by something like React-Query.

  • Well, procrastination has always been a big problem of mine, and even more so during the pandemic where you’re kinda left to your own devices and your inner Snorlax takes over. 

    So Pomodoro is one of the study techniques that I recently used to set myself back on track. It's a technique where you study for a set period of time and have a break in between and one of the things I learned is that like any addiction, it’s better to start off with a small study time because that way you’re less likely to give up. And if you have no will power like me, you can also use internet blocker like Cold Turkey and DF-tube in conjunction with the Pomodoro technique, that way you can’t opt-out even if you wanted to.

    Lastly, as a cautionary tale, don’t study on your bed especially when it’s cold, because you are more inclined to finish that “Netflix tv show” and ended up having to pull an all-nighter to finish your homework Disappointed.

  • The pandemic hits hard, especially when you are forced to stay at home. It is extremely boring when there is nothing to do.

    So my best friend was the internet.

    I took my opportunity to learn some python as my first language. Coding is really fun, you really just create whatever you want. Not only that, I got introduced to many great online community that i can talk to, a great place to have a talk and ask for help, also good to take away my boredom when I don't have anyone to talk to. Thanks to them, I've gained a lot of knowledge and had a really great time during the pandemic so far.

    The internet is such a diverse tools, you get to learn whatever you desire, meet great community and have a lot of fun.

    A great mood lifter to this long and boring pandemic. 

    Heart Good Luck, Stay Safe Heart 

  •         During the Pandemic, apart from the university streaming lectures related to my course, I was more exploratory and started enrolling in free units that were not related to my course at all. My course was Masters in Agriculture at the University of Tasmania, Hobart. I was doing units which were related but not included in the main syllabus like animal ethics to completely unrelated ones like Political correctness and Professional writing.

               I also biked more often because of the lock down not banning exercise. Oh and one particularly fun event that was recurring was kahoot and this other online game that was a compendium of a lot of little social games. We did these games with zoom and the game running side by side as two windows.

              Online exercise sessions were also novel, not as engaging as live ones but definitely more accessible as you can do it from home. Such events were mostly conducted by our university accommodation staff.

                Thanks Lenovo for this opportunity to reminisce those days. 

  • During the pandemic I have learnt how to make an application to customize windows 10 and how to make it look like old versions of windows. It wasn't too easy but it was really fun and I persevered. I had to take some online courses to learn how to code properly. I had some issues with the build of windows I had and found a workaround. I hope to give the laptop to my grandmother as she is going through a hard time and needs a laptop.   

  • I definitely have had the chance to develop some skills, but I think the biggest thing I have learnt this lockdown is that it is okay to be alone or independent. I have always been very reliant on other people - whether that is for practical things such as cooking a favourite meal I don't yet have the skills for, or because I have been afraid to be my own companion in life.

    Currently, I am in my first solo lockdown, as my sister moved out of our apartment earlier this year. I was previously comforted by seeing people at university, but now this is not an option. Although I was initially saddened to be alone and bored, it has been easier to find freedom and comfort when I'm by myself. I don't have to worry about stepping on other people's toes just for doing what feels good for me. And when I get out of lockdown I will be rushing to cinemas to catch a favourite film of mine as soon as I can, or going on weekend drives on roads I was scared to drive on before, because I no longer feel like somebody has to hold my hand every step of the way in order for me to experience life. So I have definitely learned to trust in myself and be confident in my independence!

  • I have joined my postgraduate degree in engineering and have been attending it online because of various covid restrictions and outbreak.

    This has kept me busy and learning never stops.

  • Thank you for the competition Sylvia!

    I am a computer science student, and during the pandemic, the only way I could devlop my knowledge was through the internet. Of course, this was not possible without my trustworthy Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Everyday, I used it to browse the internet, watch education youtube videos, and talk to my teachers. The large screen size helped me to view all my code efficiently, and put a smaller strain on my eyes. When I study, I tend to move around my house, going from the table to the couch, to the bed, and sometimes even sit in the garden. In my opinion, this allows me to excercise my muscles, and the change of postures allows me to have a healthy frame. This experienced was enhanced by the portability andlong battery life of the Thinkpad laptop. I can bring it around with me and the large range of brightness options meant that I could view the screen clearly where ever I want.

    Other than using the internet to learn new tricks, I had to practice the skills I learnt. In my discipline, it meant writing code and executing them. The powerful specs of my laptop (i7) allowed me to run scripts, code, and rendering software quickly. The high turnover rate between implementing and testing meant that I could get feedback faster from what I have done, and, in my opinion, made it harder to forget what I have learnt.

    During my studies, I realised that the world's first hard disk stored only 5 MB and was the size of the whole room! Compare that to the harddrive in my Lenovo laptop, which is smaller than my palm and stores 1TB! That is almost 1,000,000 MB! It is amazing how far the technology has developed in only a few decades. I am super excited by this fact and can't wait to see where technological innovations bring us in the future.

    Thanks again for the opportunity!

    Say safe during the pandemic and get vaccinated!

  • Thank you for coming up with this great idea Lenovo! I enrolled in a Diploma in Human Resources course as well as work part-time at a university and started my own candle making business, all while being a mum to 5yr old twins! Yup I'm a go-getter and hate slacking! I always have to be busy and gain knowledge everywhere I can! It's the thirst for knowledge that I hope to pass on to my kids! :) Interesting fact is that I love candles and thought why don't I make candles myself so I can make them in a fragrance and colour that I like! Just so happened that I was able to sell them too so I had to start the business and I've learned so much from it already! Bought a thinkpad from Lenovo as well, for my business venture:)