Dual monitors for coding

How important is a dual monitor for programming?

I have dual monitors at home and it's great, but when i'm at Uni and only have access to my laptop, I find that i'm much slower as I have to switch between programs.

Ideally, i'd like to get my hands on the lenovo yoga tab 13 if it ever becomes available in Australia, as it connects to a laptop through micro hdmi and acts as an extra monitor.

Until then, i'd be interested in any tips or tricks or solutions that anyone may have.

  • While I don't code (although I would love to start picking it up!) I can imagine bigger monitor real estate may be helpful!

    Depending on what laptop you're currently using, maybe one of these can help you out: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/thinkvisionM14t. Hurrah for portable monitors!

  • Thanks Sylvia, that looks pretty cool.

    While it doesn't have the OS of the yoga tab, it's a darn sight cheaper and I could probably just link my phone to it anyway.


  • No worries, let me know if you end up getting your hands on one of those!