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Hey, Lenovo EDU Community!  We need your help! 
We want to make sure that we’re expressing our benefits in a way that our users prefer and understand.
Please review the headline and paragraph options below and provide your responses to the questions that follow:


Option 1:  

Create Your World Today  
Lenovo powers your ideas and ambitions for a smarter future  
You have a vision of the world you want to live in. Lenovo brings together all the smarter technology and support to build it. Lenovo is committed to investing in the innovation of education technology and sustainability and empower you to build your new world.  
So, let’s get started. The world is waiting for you. 


Option 2:  

The Future Needs You  
Unlock your passion, build a smarter future  
You want to make a difference. We believe you will. It’s why Lenovo invests in the future of education technology and sustainability. We also believe a smarter future will require smarter technology, designed to deliver you the performance, versatility and support you’ll need to create a future we all share.   
So, let’s get started. The future is waiting for you. 


Option 3:  

The Future is You  
The future needs you to unlock your passion, Lenovo can help.   
It's your turn to take the reins and change the world. When your ideas and ambitions are empowered by the performance, versatility and support of smarter technology from Lenovo, the future looks promising for all.   
Let’s get started. 


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  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about these statements?  
  2. Was there anything about these statements that you found difficult to understand? 
  3. Based on what you’ve read here, can you articulate in a few sentences what you understand the value to be?