The festive season is here (yay!) so to cap off another eventful year, we’re squeezing in one final giveaway for 2021!

To win:

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  3. Tell us in the forum comments:

What do you want to startstop and continue in the 2022 school year?

We want you to tell us your 2022 New Years (study) resolutions! With another full 365 days ahead of us, how will you make the most of it?

The most inspiring and creative entry will win a holiday pack to help kick your 2022 goals. The holiday pack includes:

 Computer IdeaPad Flex 5i 14” in Platinum Grey 

Mouse three button️  Lenovo Go Multi-device mouse (yep, multi-device. You can connect this nifty device to up to 3 devices and switch controls with the push of a button!)️ 

Alarm clock Smart Clock Gen 2 (fun tip: Gen 2 now comes with a wireless charging pad!)

Head over to the competition forum to enter!


Competition ends January 30 2022, open to AU residents only. For more information, see the terms and conditions here

  • As a Mum raising a son with special needs, I'm enrolling myself in a Masters degree in Nursing and Human Nutrition, with the hope that I can be in the best position to understand what it takes to provide the best care for my son. As the saying goes, Mum knows best. Necessity is the mother of invention. Though I'm not inventing new things, at least I'm trying to re-invent myself to be in charge of my family's destiny. I hope 2022 can bring success to my part-time studies without much disruption to my personal goals. Thanks.

  • Start using a Smart Clock Gen 2 and let it organise my day

    Stop cluttering my life with distractions that take away focus from my learning and my work

    Continue to use Lenovo devices to learn, work and relax.

  • My three goals for the 2022 school year are: 

    1. Stop making lists
    2. Jogging
    3. Jogging
    4. Jogging 
    5. Jogging 
    6. Jogging 
    7. Continue making running jokes
    8. Start to learn how to count
  • Kicking goals in ’22.

    The best of me from the best of you.

    Clear goals in sight. Aim. Kick. Fly.

    Master of Health’s not pie in the sky.


    Lenovo knows how clear the path.

    Application. Commitment. All playing a part.

    A journey starting. I’m quite excited.

    Student Life revisited, gloriously highlighted.


    Thank you, Lenovo.

  • We are STARTING homeschool, STOPPING being too busy, and CONTINUING to make memories and learn together!