Ask a Recruiter is an ongoing series that covers topics both large and small facing students who are looking for their first job or internship. This article is all about negotiating with additional information on what it means when a company uses the term “EVP”.

This series is written by Rachel Graham, a University and Diversity Recruiter at Lenovo who specializes in North America opportunities.

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Should I negotiate?

New grads, please don't be afraid to negotiate! As long as you do it in a respectful way, it doesn't reflect poorly on you. This was something I was always nervous about when I was graduating!

First, research and see what the going market rate is for a similar position, in the same geographic location within that industry. 

Second, I recommend not negotiating when you're first told the offered salary. Thank them for the offer, do your research, and come back to the recruiter with a realistic number you have in mind.

Companies may not always be able to increase their initial offer, but respectfully asking is always acceptable! Your recruiter wants to hire the candidate the hiring manager chooses, so we will work with you to get as close as we can and get you hired.

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What is “EVP”?

Have you ever heard the term "EVP" from a company? What does that mean? EVP stands for Employer Value Proposition, in short, the value and benefits that a company provides in return to their employees.

This can range from meaningful work, compensation and awards, working with national/international teams, and so much more. During the interview process, it's important to ask what the company can offer you as well. Interviewing is a two-way street, find a company that has similar values, treats their employees the way you'd like to be treated, and what sets them apart.

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About Rachel:

Rachel graduated from University of North Carolina – Wilmington in May 2019 and began her career at Lenovo soon after. She is a Raleigh, North Carolina native who spends her free time fostering kittens, doing home DIYs and enjoying time with friends and family.