Five-Year Plans: do they still matter?

What are your thoughts, given our current landscape?

  • we need backup plan keeping all unavoidable circumstances in mind along with five-year plan. this would be new strategy going forward. pandemic made one thing clear life is like water bubble its unpredictable when it's gonna blow .

  • Without a doubt. Five-year plans are important, and I've used them successfully in the past.

    After completing my undergraduate degree, I planned to enter the software sector and have been successful for the past 5 years. Now I'm striving for a focused field following my postgraduate degree, and I'm hoping to see myself succeed again.

    Most importantly, we must have a goal to pursue, whether it is a five-year or ten-year plan, but ultimately if we know that we have an aim for it and post-pandemic the work-life balance has literally changed everyone to be more sensitive and careful about how they must choose a career or a business to grow. We need to be flexible and have balance to what we are doing.

  • Five years ago, I wouldn't have guessed I'd be in Europe as a permanent resident. Then again, I knew I wanted to learn a new instrument as an adult, so I made a habit of practicing a specific goal or new tune nearly every night. Five year plans are important, and so is being flexible. I think my friend who does jiu jitsu had a great saying: your goal should be to always be better tomorrow than you were today. Then, if your plans change, you're still growing.

  • I wouldn't say they don't matter as they are still very important to have, but everyone has to have an alternative plan or at least be ready for a quick adaptation to unforeseen circumstances that might arise. Just sticking to a rigid five-year plan might put you in a very unfavorable situation should something unplanned happen.

  • This is true if your life revolves around something that is not rigid, but if you follow something that is rigid, then you will have the right beliefs as a human, unshakeable faith. This is why it is good and extremely important to follow something divine and not something man-made, because humans are only guessing and we are not flawless, we make mistakes. By following that which is divinely revealed and preserved till this day, will give you most out of life and is objectively the most correct, most just etc in terms of ethics and everything else.

    So in situations like these, if you got the right beliefs, you will know what is best for you and what will benefit you the most in this world and hereafter.

    Hint: the only divinely thing that is preserved till this day is the Quran.

  • If you can stick with your plan is is great to be able to plan for the next five years but the plan should have a lots of backup in case things does not go ahead as planned. 

    I use five years plan in my work place this only for hardware and it has been working very well.but I would say general life plan should be two to three years because a lot of unplanned circumstances may cause your plan to not go ahead . 

  • Five-year plans might need to be a bit more abstract to be achievable at this point. I think it's still good to have a long-term goal in mind, not only for yourself but also for interviews.

  • Your friend is wise then. Smile

    And it doesn't take much to grow, either. If you can reach even a 1% of growth daily, you'll be 100% better in no time. It's not even a year.

    1% might be a lot, though, but striving for any growth prevents stagnation, and as long as we're moving, we're progressing.