Can you really get a tech job without a four-year degree?

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  • I've seen a lot of people learn to code, either by themselves or on bootcamps and land good tech jobs. It can be done, but it has some limitations, it only works in certain tech fields.

  • There are companies like tesla who announced that they need people with skills not with degrees . soo yeah people will get job without a four-year degree and with good skills they can do some certifications and get job.

  • No, that's one of the biggest lies spread by the industry. 

    You may be hired as a coder or technician after several tests and challenges, but even if you do manage to get hired you will never advance in your career because companies have pre-set requisites for moving up the ladder and a University Degree is one of them.

  • That highly depends on the country where are you looking for a job. Technically, yes, it is possible, but most companies not only ask for a degree but also want to see 1+ years of previous experience (which is kinda impossible for newly graduates, but some companies enforce that nonetheless).

  • I know three people myself who have secured themselves a job in tech just after completing a BootCamp, usually 9-12 months long! So I think it is definitely possible!

  • Depending on what kind of field but mostly it rests on the pearson hiring you to give you a chance if you dont have a degree to show that you have the skills

  • I remember too Elon Musk stating that at Tesla also people without degree have the chance to get a job. It goes without saying the important thing is to be able to prove your skills and show that you are worthy of getting the job you're applying for.

  • Yeah coding is something that should be learnt independently anyway, it's harder when you have someone tell you what to do when coding as every line of code can be written in a different way and there's no one way of writing. So you should develop your own coding style rather than listen to other people. It also makes it easier to learn.

  • I think it's a bit easier to do if you have at least some evidence of schooling under your belt, but I bet it becomes easier as time moves forward; university is increasingly out of reach for people for financial reasons and there are more routes to learn skills with the internet. Also, kids are learning tech skills in earlier education than they once were.

  • Yes its possible, to be hired as you say after tests etc but I'd say experience is the big one, If you show that you've either worked in a similar role then there's a good chance they'll take you on. They'll use it as an excuse to lower the salary but that's normal. You can still move to higher paid positions too through other qualifications, someone could have a degree from years ago and most of what they've learnt be out of date. More specialized qualifications can be much more valuable like those done by Cisco for networking, Microsoft's specialist certifications etc. Degrees nowadays seem more of a badge to say "I can learn at X level" at least from my perspective.