How do I make studing enjoyable?

  • Study a topic you enjoy, try to study in a way that you enjoy and/or that works for you and accept that not everything that you have to do in life is fun.

  • Learn a lot. Sounds stupid, but the more you know about something the more interesting it gets.

  • study something you really like and try to make pause from that your brain can regain power

  • study a topic you're passionate about or if it isn't and is a means to an end, fake it hahah

  • I normally take a look at what and where I can the topic in the future. It is much easier to lover you resistance to a hard topic if you know you might up end using it in the end. 

    And then I also take a look if there are any online places they teach it (or part of it), mostly for free. That makes it a lot more easy to learn, but enjoyable is only if it is a field your interested in after all. 

  • Learn something you find interesting and find friends,

  • And meaningful, some topics might look strange at first because you do not know how they are applied outside the classroom. 

    Also planning out your time really helps, so that it is not work all the time and no free time to find and enjoy friends company. 

  • I loved studying my career asking me why on everything, trying to fill the gap of my knowledge searching on a secondary book or internet. May Be, due to that "I had lost" more time ore I went so far, but because that way it all seemed very interesting to me to understand and keeped it in my mind on a better way. And adding this to study with friends in the residential college or library.