Recommendations for 'food for thought' or educational podcasts?

I've run out of podcasts recently that actually get your brain working and was wondering if people have recommendations? Feel like youtube especially is going through a dry spell

  • Here are some good ones I've seen over the years: Mustard and Paper skies are great for Aviation. Insane engineering for general Engineering topics. Practical engineering for Construction. Wendover productions and PBS for general documentary types. 

  • Diary of a CEO is quite good. I've recently heard a few episodes of Darknet Diaries and thought it was quite interesting, but it's a bit of a niche. Mostly related with Cybersecurity.

  • I really like "The Academic Imperfectionist" for philosophical analysis, self-mentoring and metacognition advice... some great free resources in the website too!

  • I really like Joe Rogan on Spotify if you don't mind getting deep into a subject.  The Joe Rogan Experience 

  • Can't go wrong with Joe Rogan. They tend to be quite long but it's amazing how most of the time I don't notice the time flying.

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    oh this sounds really interesting, i've been meaning to look into more engineering centred topics! thank you

  • i'm a cyber nerd tbf so thank you i'll check this out!

  • from the name alone i need to check this out! thank you!

  • I like(d) the Andrew Huberman podcast, but to be fair, I haven't heard it in a while.

  • Yes it is great, but I like it even more when he as talking with someone and needs to explain it or elaborate on it. In his own podcast he is more like a teacher teaching a class to students that have read the textbook already.