How do I force myself to study?

I've always been a diligent person, always studied hard (wasn't top of the class but the point is I'd put a lot of energy into it). I've got left behind in university and can't seem to be able to study like I was before... actual suggestions? (no pomodoro and stuff like that please, I already tried it) And yes, I like the field I chose. Thanks in advance

  • Set deadlines. Write them down on paper and put it somewhere you have to look at it. If that doesn't work, get someone who holds you accountable.

  • Promise yourself something fun or tasty after you finish a task.

  • There's no use in forcing your way through. Break it down into sessions typically 45 minutes of study then you have breaks. Try to fit in 2-3 sessions a day. If it still isn't helping then I would look for more support (with your Uni etc) and help as you may be struggling elsewhere. 

  • I do it by first looking at what I need done and at what time. Then find a reward for doing all that work, like watching a movie or series like Fallout.

    If you plan out your work and the reward yourself afterwards, your brain will remember it and slowly you can reduce the rewards because has become second nature. 

    But we have a tendency to work, work, work and no reward. You wouldn't eat an apple if it is all sour.

  • Simple = failure is NOT an option! Sooner or later you need to pass those exams...

  • I don't think you should "force yourself". try to make it fun, and give yourself a reward at the end of it, like some chocolate or giving yourself a rest. also it is worth trying different methods if what you are doing doesn't work for you. 

  • I do not think you should force yourself that much, because if it is not something you want, then it will never get done. 

    I would make a deal with yourself and ask yourself what you want for doing the work ? - ones it is over you will naturally have free time, but what is really your price for studying ?. 

  • Set deadlines, however small (definitely start small if you're struggling), remember to take breaks when nothing is getting done, burn out is not worth it

  • Yes that is good advice and you still can get anything done it might be your goals that are still to big.

    I normally compare goal setting to cleaning up. Everyone can at least overcome doing something stamp size and then add a bit more and more. Soon you will be rolling. I still need to tell myself this when it is really boring work that needs to be done, but it helps each time to cut your tasks down to really small sub-tasks and start getting them done.   

  • Yeah. That's something Jordan Peterson said often times, too, when he was e.g. talking about patients who where unable to bring up the energy to do something simple like just vacuum clean the room. Start tiny and get rolling.