How do you get in the headspace for revision or studying?

Or what kind of things do you do in order to study

  • Firstly, before going to my room, I make sure my smartphone is out of it - It's such a huge distraction for me that whenever I get bored of studiying I don't doubt to use it.

    Secondly, as I mostly study via Computer (Sometimes via notebooks but it's really strange) I make sure that I don't have any tab or games that could distract me while studying opened/as shortcuts.

    And finally, when all of that is done, I check what I have to study. As I easily get annoyed when I see what I have to study, I sit in my chair, put my headphones on, and spend the following 10 minutes sat there just listening to music I like. After those minutes pass, I start studying and speaking loudly in my room. 

    And yeah, I always hope that my family doesn't get bored listening to my Geography, Biology or History narrations Joy

  • i keep my phone in silent mode and start with simple yet interesting chapter so that i could continue once i done with that i will keep my phone further away and start getting into tougher subjects/chapter and i will keep writing while studying itself it will help me remember and also those bullet points will be helpful in revision.

  • First of all I make sure, that my cellphone isn't visible or reachable from where I sit. Then I clear everything I don't need from my desk to avoid visual distraction. And then I force myself for 5 minutes to concentrate on my task and then 5 minutes again. After that I'm usually already focused, motivated and determined to do what is needed.

  • I overview all the things I have to study, then I mentally fix a bunch of checkpoints to reach within a reasonable time; if I fail to reach in time a certain checkpoint then I punish myself by increasing the load to study in the following steps.
    In other words, I need to discipline myself on my own (don't worry, I'm not bipolar).

  • Leave everything that might distract me out of my room

  • On weekends, starting the day on the right foot is really important for me to get into a creative flow. I prioritise my morning routine, nourishing the body, mind and soul (healthy breakfast, exercising, reading, and journaling).

    Then, prepare my space and take on taaasks!

  • Put on white noise, clear a space, set up all the tools I'll need (eg: pen and paper), have a glass of water nearby. I need to minimize distractions and excuses!