Study music or super quiet? What are your favorite headphones?

Do you use headphones to block out noise or listen to your favorite tunes? Tell us what headphones make your studying easier.

  • it depends on which subject I'm studying if it's mathematics or related to math I prefer music in my ears but for everything else I prefer quiet.

  • When I'm not too stressed, I like to keep some background music with my headphones while studying. Anyway it has to be instrumental music (like movies' soundtracks or classical pieces): if it is something I can sing along then I can't concentrate.

  • I usually listen to specific study/focus playlists, with tunes that doesn't mess with the daily activities.

  • I like to study with low volume music from speakers not headphones those make my head and ears why too hot and uncomfortable

  • I need it quiet, so I use white noise - no headphones required.

  • I was really desperate to achieve a peaceful state of mind this exam season, so I listened to bubbling water white noise 0_0

  • I usually study with music playing but I don't really use headphones. I study at home so I just put my laptop on speaker otherwise when I'm at the studio I use my wireless earbuds.

    I've been thinking of buying a wireless eyebuds with neck band soon. I was never a fan of headphones.

  • I like quiet too, I have Bose QC35 ii headphones and just turn them on. The background of the noise cancellation really blocks out most noise and leaves you with a "closed off" feeling.

  • Depends, when I'm out in the library I prefer music

  • I do not listen to music, but whenever I walk somewhere I like to listen to podcast with beneficial knowledge, also sometimes enable noice-cancellation due to loud traffic.