Parents - Did you have a Pen Pal when you were a kid?

What would/could that look like now for your children?

  • Not a parent, but I'll answer anyway. My whole class had penpals from Sweden and we sent pen and paper letters through the post. I think it was a really good experience, but the internet has made international interaction much more commonplace. 

  • Never really had a pen pal. The friends I had were either locals or those who I could contact by phone (old landline phones, no mobiles!). I did write letters, for holidays and such, but never really used them as means of communication with friends.

    For today's kids that would probably look like something from the stone age since kids nowadays have a smartphone before they even learn to read Joy

  • when I was a kid we did not have mobile or landlines at that time, my friends were the only ones who either lived close by or at school who used to meet.

    I am talking about 40 students in one classroom very poor families and none of this tech where available.

    I would raise this point, do not forget that the new generation is very fortunate to have all techs and yet they are not grateful. 

  • Yes, had a few friends I communicated with using exclusively old snail mail. Those were slower times and every new mail was like a reading a new book. Kids today live a more hectic life with all the tech around us and using old letter mail is unimaginable for them.

  • I had pen pals from other country. It started with postcards, but then we were sending each other mail letters once a month. It was certainly more enjoyable reading a paper letter than it is to read a message on your phone Sweat smile I don't think most of the kids today would understand how it is to have a pen pal and send each other letter every once in a while.

  • of course, and used to do secret santa for them

  • I didn't and I never saw the point in having one...but I mean, I had an e-mail friend, if that counts. ;)