Best Lenovo Laptop for Architecture Students

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  • I'm planning to get Legion 5i Pro Gen 7 (Intel). Has anyone got this? How's your experience? Blush Blush

  • Well, I don't have this type, but make sure to get a good gpu, since I assume you are going to use 3D programms. I have a 3070 right now and that's good enough for demanding 3D projects. If you are using a PC, too. I would stick to a 3060 and invest the difference in a proper gpu for your PC, cause the difference iin performance while rendering is huge.

  • I see~ Yes, that's right. I'm definitely getting at least a 3070 laptop for portability. I'm so in love with the legion 5 series, so I'm currently waiting for the Glacier White stock *chuckles before making a purchase!Pray

  • The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme is really performing and it will probably meet all your requirements. However it is quite expensive, so for a budget laptop I could think of a model from the IdeaPad serie.

  • Which model is it? Blush

  • Hm i don't know that much it's about itself students what it's prefer but Lenovo ThinkPad or legion 5i / pro is good choice (my opinion)