Ever wondered what it’s like to descend into the sea in a submersible?

It’s a pretty awe-inspiring experience according to submersible pilot and mechanical engineer Kimly Do.

“When you go underwater in a submersible, the water just flows underneath you, there’s bubbles all over as you’re going down, and it opens like a show,” she says.

“A lot of people think that submarines are really claustrophobic, and I can kind of understand that, but these are very different because you’re in an acrylic sphere so as soon as you go underwater the acrylic just vanishes. You don’t even notice it at all,“ she explains.

“You look out and very quietly take in what’s around you in this very natural way,” says Kimly. “The submarine seals atmosphere so when you go down there’s no pressure changes, you don’t have to worry about your body, you’re not disoriented … you don’t have to worry about gauges and oxygen, you can just go down and be amazed. It’s the coolest.”

“Something that I think is really lovely about this job is that It takes you all around the world to the most beautiful locations,” she adds.

Kimly designs and prototypes robotics, from wearable exoskeletons to robotic motorcyclists, as well as projects for NASA. She also runs an underwater robotics camp for girls that provides mentorship to aspiring scientists and adventurers.

And she assures young people that there’s nothing wrong with not knowing exactly what they want to do in their careers. “It’s totally OK,” she reassures. “Be flexible, keep your eyes open, keep doing things you love and opportunities will come your way.”

About Kimly Do

Kimly Do is a mechanical engineer and submersible pilot, working with Global Sub Dive. Kimly has been running around designing and prototyping robotics for over a decade. Her portfolio of ridiculous robots ranges from wearable exoskeletons, humanoid motorcycle-riding robots, all the way to several inflatable fabric arms made for NASA. She helps run an underwater robot camp for girls 12-16 hoping to create and mentor a network of strong empowered women who love to explore their curiosities as well as the ocean and wild world they live in. 

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