Alexis Chappuis is a marine biologist, technical scientific diver and underwater photographer. In 2018, I founded the NGO UNSEEN Expeditions. He is now focusing on exploring and documenting mesophotic coral ecosystems to raise awareness of the importance and vulnerabilities of these hidden worlds and their rich and colorful biodiversity. He believes that the more we know, the more we care and the better we can preserve.

Watch his talk where he will be presenting some images of mesophotic life and landscapes that he has collected over the past three years around Bali, Indonesia. The idea is to give you a glimpse of the diversity and colors that can be found a hundred meters beneath the surface of our oceans, and also of the threats these poorly known habitats are facing

About Alexis:

Alexis Chappuis is a French marine biologist, technical scientific diver and amateur photographer. He has conducted various marine ecological studies worldwide during his career, logging hours on and under the sea. After spending more than 4 years living and working in Indonesia for an environmental consulting company, he founded the French-based non-profit organization UNSEEN (“Underwater Scientific Exploration for Education”) in 2018. He now uses close-circuit rebreathers for the exploration and study of poorly-known underwater ecosystems, particularly Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems (MCEs), up to a depth of 120 meters.


  • This video gave me so much insight on marine life that I didn't have. The video was well put together and gave very good tips on how to save my plastic consumption!

  • That's quite an interesting topic. I spent some time researching the consequences of a warmer ocean on corals, because I wanted to know whether rising sea levels are an acutal issue for coral based atolls. I learned so many things I wasn't aware of. 

  • Nice show of the coral system in Indonesia even with the not so good sound in the first half, but the subtitles helps. 

    I find it sad that the coral system is being damaged and really like that alternative degradable products are being produced.