June is an important month for global conversation celebrations with World Environment Day and World Oceans Day happening at the beginning of the month.

World Environment Day, held annually on June 5, brings together millions of people from across the globe, engaging them in the effort to protect and restore the Earth. This year marks the event’s 50th anniversary.

This year’s theme is Solutions to Plastic Pollution. Read some articles from Lenovo EDU Community about plastic pollution and share how you plan to mark World Environment Day.

Studying Plastic Pollution in the Adriatic Sea

Martina Capriotti is an Italian marine biologist and SCUBA diver. She was born and grew up along the Adriatic Sea coast, where she developed a deep passion for the sea.

Plastic Accumulation on One of the World's Most Remote Islands

How can a remote, uninhabited island become inundated with plastic waste? And what effect could this have on the local wildlife and marine life? Emma Nichols, a graduate student at Adrift Lab, discussed these questions based on recent findings from Henderson Island (South Pacific).

Fighting the Threat of Plastics to Manta Rays — Tania Pelamatti

Growing up in the Italian Alps, Tania Pelamatti developed a love of nature, but she had to explore a different environment before she found her true passion.


  • Such an insightful articles offered by Lenovo EDU Community on plastic pollution, providing valuable resources to engage with and share during the occasion. Appreciate the efforts of dedicated individuals who who addresses the need for environmental protection and the urgent call to address plastic pollution really deserve recognition!

  • It's nice article

  • Fantastic articles provided above. Worth a read !!!

    Well to plan the environment day should be like every day task rather than working only on a specific day or time.

    We need to remember that our every small actions are starting steps for a bigger change and make a significant difference in addressing these polluting plastics and protecting the environment from them.

    We can start small by sharing awareness to people around us about the environment to saviour, participating in the cleanup of nearby environments which are effected with health and safety measures, supporting in reducing the single-use plastics which effect and become a major breakdown for our earth.

    Happy World Environment day !!!