Alexander More is a climate and health scientist. His research focuses on the impact of climate change on ecosystem health. He combines data from mountain glaciers to the ocean's depths to understand how manmade environmental change has affected migrations, biodiversity and emerging diseases.

Watch his presentation from the 2022 Global Biodiversity Festival on the impact of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem health.

About Alex:

Alexander More's research focuses on the impact of climate change on population and ecosystem health and the economy. By using ultra-high-resolution climatic, epidemiological, ecological and archeoscientific records, More brings recent drastic environmental changes into a broader perspective, one that permits stark comparisons between current and past trends in temperature, pollution, pandemic disease, and extreme weather, all of which directly impact food production, human health, economic prosperity, and political stability. He is the author of several landmark studies of the impact of climate on pandemics and pollution, and an active contributor to the fields of environmental health and planetary health. He currently holds an appointment in the Initiative for the Science of the Human Past at Harvard University, and is also Assistant Research Professor at the Climate Change Institute (University of Maine) and Associate Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.


  • climate change should be top priority concern for the world as this would change the whole world and the way we live. we can see the climate change issues happening around the world such as increased temperatures and low rainfall . if not taken a preventive measures earth will soon be a deserted like other planets in solar system

  • Such an informative research shared by Alexander about the climate changes and its impact on various aspects of society.

  • Wonderful share !!! Its good to see the capabilities of the current and past trends which uses ultra-high-resolution data and how Mr. More's research is focusing specifically on its impact of climate change on population and health system. Informative to see the related affiliations and expertise.