Is writing still an option in 2024?

I've been writing for a few years with a few moments of success. I'm wondering if being a professional writer is something to set my sights on in 2024. It seems the digital age is bigger than ever. Does anyone read magazines or books anymore? Thoughts?

  • Writing may be more important than ever. I know with AI it might seem helpless to find a career, but there are still possibilities out there. They are likely not as robust in traditional media (magazines and books), but moreso in other areas (Substacks, writing for social media, online outlets, etc).

  • AI is really going to hurt positions if you decide to pursue writing.  If money is not a problem I would say do what you love, but if money is an issue I would seriously think about a profession that you can make a living.

  • Good points!

  • I read a book a day. It is my relaxation. There will always be a place for writers!

  • Writing stories, and scripts, etc. will still be needed.  But whether AI will eventually be doing most of it is the question.  I don't think younger people read as much as older people.  So, yes, reading books is slowly going down, while listening to radio, Audio-books, and movies is going up.   Things come and go, and reading books is on the decline right now.   Though Good Writers will still write great books that are read by many followers.  Will SOME AI be able to write as well?  Yes, eventually.  Eventually computers/AI will be able to do a lot of thinking jobs as good, or better than us Humans !  People may eventually forget how to do things... Or never even learn things that "AI does so well"....  It could be a very different world in 50 to 100 years; if WARS, or Some Disease doesn't take us back hundreds of years as a civilization. And give us a chance to do things ourselves again without Ai and Computers doing things for us.

  • Originality will be sought out!  

  • While AI is seeming to take over, traditional writing is still very important. We will refuse to let AI replace us Humans!

  • I'm an avid reader. So, yes, "anyone does read magazines or books anymore." I think what matters is personal style and being relevant for the times.

  • I imagine reading books will not be going away anytime soon.  Publishers may toy with the idea of marketing a book written by AI, but in the end, I don't think many would be interested in buying them outside of the novelty.  Human written books will be around for a while.  AI will likely have a greater impact with movies and television (streaming) with many studios looking to reduce staff of screen writers. Journalists may benefit as many are independent and can use it to improve efficiency, though it could not replace humans unless the desire is to create fiction. 

  • Use AI tools, it will be better