"Free thinking" and education

What is your take on the "free thinking" being part of education? Should students challenge anything they are being taught? Shouldn't students be taught to figure out for themselves what is correct rather than make them "learn-and-repeat" as their degree requirement?

  • Used to be EVERY student was taught exactly that...WHAT CHANGED? I mean the 20th century in America was the single most successful century in recorded history. WHY was the educational system that created that changed? Have the changes been even REMOTELY AS SUCCESSFUL as the pre-change curriculum? Important questions to ask. WHY IS NO ONE ASKING THEM? Answer those questions and you will know what to do. If you don't already....

  • I think free thinking is healthy and should be incouraged.  Everyone is entitled to there own thoughts/opinions and it can lead to some healthy discussions 

  • Depends on the subject or topic, for scientific studies I think free thinking is fundamental

  • I prefer them to be taught how to think as opposed to what to think. Teach them research and communication skills, as well as STEM methods. 

  • Studies I think free thinking is fundamental

  • Totally free thinking is just random thoughts and of little value.   Figuring out which of those thoughts is a good one has real value is a  real skill.   But nothing wrong with having a good memory so you don't have to repeat not relearn what is already known.

  • Yes, I believe that free thinking should be a part of everyone's education. It's important to have a critical perspective and be able to question & discuss everything that is taught.

  • Free thinking should be encouraged, questions should be asked, no one should stick to an agenda.

    Simply memorizing information isnt enough to promote healthy thoughts.

  • "Free Thinking" is the only cure one can use for "Garbage-In, Garbage-Out!"

  • The most valuable lesson from education should be free thinking. New ideas move the world forward. You need to learn the fundamentals and then learn how to learn. It's important to note that it doesn't mean dispute just for the sake of disputing, but coming up with a different thought trail and discussing that openly with your teachers with an open mind. Being wrong is part of the process and people have to learn that they will be wrong many times before they are right.