Changing career fields

Have you made a switch to different career fields? How did you do it?

  • I have been looking into that from the field of education (teaching students) lately.  

  • Back to school is the most straightforward and often most expensive way.

  • I went from bartending to hairdressing to now a teacher LOL; 3 very different careers. I worked many years in all three jobs, but the only one I could see myself doing at 50+ and retire from is teaching! These decisions were swift.

  • If you know the career you want, find out the requirements and do whatever it takes to get as much of the prerequisite knowledge as you can. You can find many learning resources online these days. Volunteering can be a way to gain experience. And by all means, network. Get a mentor and listen to their advice.

  • I spent 10 years working my way up in the restaurant industry until I could go no further.  I finally quit, went back to technical school and have now spent almost 30 years in IT.  Going back to school was well worth it.

  • The switch can be scary, but the adventure could be well worth it!  Be smart about the process, do research, plan ahead and allways have back up plans!  There is always experience to be gained.