Do you feel your internship experiences were useful to advancing where you want to go in life / career?

I'm curious for those who have had any type of internship - whether you think it was useful to getting on the right path for your career or not. 

  • As an intern for Lenovo right now, we made a post for National Intern Day:

  • I did an internship at the company I work for now... they brought me on full-time after I graduated and I've worked there ever since. 

  • My very first internship turned into a paying job, so yes. I also know several other people that were hired full-time after completing their internships as well.

  • My internship helped me decide what I didn't want to do, so yes. Internships are invaluable, whether they end up getting you a job or pointing you in the right direction.

  • I feel like my internship this summer helped me decided what I want to do in my career long term. I think it was very helpful trying to figure out what I want to do after college.

  • It's essential for networking and have a taste of the career

  • Not for me, no. But looking at my friend's internship, I can surely say it's decisive for your career. Fortunately, I had friends who would refer me and so I could advance even though I didn't get a good internship.

  • Internships can be incredibly valuable

  • Internships can be immensely beneficial for steering your career path.

  • Absolutely. It gives you an early taste of a career, allowing you to decide on a career that you actually enjoy.