The Legal world and technology/AI

Technology has become so prevalent in all aspects of everyday life including our careers. I am a law student who will be going onto a big law job when I graduate and (hopefully) pass the Bar Exam. How does anyone in, or not in the legal field, feel that AI and other technologies can be used to better assist our clients and help us to become better advocates?

Is there also a feeling that AI or other technology will usurp the legal profession and begin to supplant humans?

Let's discuss!

  • I've only just taken the bar, and have seen some of how my school taught the use of AI and how my firm now uses it. For now, it seems to be more useful for boilerplate language, and for drafting client communications. But I am very interested to see how tools like Lexis' AI will progress. Especially in legal research, without making up cases that don't exist.

  • Push Tech forward with AI.

  • It's a scary thought: could people use AI to frame someone with a murder? I think it's very possible since you could use it to construct fake "evidence." Let's hope that AI will not be used for evil purposes, but this is why strict guidelines or laws must be in place to make sure that AI doesn't commit murders.

  • It should help people to find specific laws and past decisions to supplement your case. It could also help to draft agreements, documents and communications. Lawyers will still be needed, just not as much as they are now.

  • I think A1 will supplant some of the paralegal work, such as drafting documents, agreements and emails/letters. These things will still need to be reviewed and corrected.

  • There is always a risk with AI. However if the proper laws are in place, AI will be a big success

  • Just make sure you don't do what the lawyers from New York do who lazily use chatgpt to write up their documents that included bogus cases

  • AI should eventually really make scrapping past legal precedents a breeze. I'm guessing paralegals are most at risk, though there will always be a need because someone has to run the queries and AI isn't always accurate. 

  • AI will help to refine research and make it a less tedious process for court proceedings.

  • I think people are relying a little too much on AI right now. Chatbot technology is currently notoriously inaccurate and will often just invent facts and sources for facts that are completely fake.

    There's at least one infamous case where a lawyer used ChatGPT to submit a federal court legal filing that cited at least six cases that don’t exist. ChatGPT cited nonexistent cases it just made up. The lawyer even asked ChatGPT if the cases were real and it insisted they were.

    I think AI will improve as time goes by, but it's not really there yet to use for anything critical.