Advice on how to create a portfolio?

I just switched majors from Computer Engineering into Communication, Media, and Design with a focus on graphic design. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on creating a portfolio? Should I create a website or maybe just create a collage of different projects I have worked on? Any advice would be helpful!

  • Hi Hannah!

    I’m a UI/UX Designer here at Lenovo and have a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. There are quite a few variables that go into making your portfolio, the biggest being the position you’re applying for. From my experience, what you want to show to potential employers is a thorough and well-developed design process. You usually start with a brief overview of the project that showcases the end result and then you continue on to really break down your design process from there. This way you can hook them with the eye-catching visuals at a glance but also have the substance to back it up if they choose to dive a bit deeper into a particular project. It is best to mainly show projects that relate to the position you’re applying for, so showing desktop/mobile site design for a UI Designer position or different branding projects if applying for a general Graphic Designer position. Although, it can still be a notable selling point to showcase 1 or 2 projects that display your knowledge of another field such as animation, coding, etc.

    An online web portfolio, is definitely the easiest and most common practice currently, especially with the new prevalence of work-from-home positions in the industry. Very rarely are employers still asking for a PDF or physical version of your portfolio. So if you have the skills to create your own website, I would say go for it! It’s a good opportunity to showcase that set of skills, branding experience, and overall usability (ensure your site is mobile-friendly and complies with accessibility requirements). However, if you aren’t able to confidently design and code your own website, you can definitely use an existing service like Adobe Portfolio. You’ll more than likely already have or will need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription within this field and Adobe Portfolio is free to use. You may just want to buy a custom domain name to use instead of their generated names for self-branding and ease of use.

    Sorry for throwing all of that at you, hopefully, it was helpful and clear. If you have any other questions or need me to clarify/expand upon anything above just let me know!

    - Kind regards

  • Thank you for your insight! I just finished creating my online portfolio using Github pages. I think it was the best method for me to showcase my coding skills as well as my design skills. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about your experience!



  • Glad this helped you - thanks  for the awesome insight!

    Hannah, are you looking for a particular type of job that a portfolio might help you with?

  • I am actually interested in UX/UI design myself! My portfolio is actually based around a UX project I did as well as other areas I am passionate in such as sports broadcasting and web design. I can send you a link to my portfolio if you are interested in checking it out or giving me feedback?

  • Your best projects show a variety of skills but also few that are focused on through each project. 

  • A website with all your projects would be great or one project that connects them all given a use case(s).

  • There's a lot of websites to use for portfolios. Freecodecamp has a good one

  • Here is a real example that got many offers... My son knew they hadn't taught everything when he got his BS so decided to self-study the topic and show his result on his website.  In 6-8 weeks (early summer) he showed that he was self-aware, could plan and work to a schedule, could show great results, and was still willing to learn.  He told his compelling story in his link-filled application letters.  Years later, he has managed many teams and supervised many games that you still play today.  So, what does your prospective employer need that you haven't quite mastered yet, but could?