Top 10 overall balanced universities in the US?

In your well-respected opinion, what are the top 10 well-rounded and overall balanced universities in the US? Generally speaking, in terms of academics, culture, diversity, and social life. This post is not meant to be taken too seriously but mainly focused on experiential truth.

~ J

  • This type of question will tend to get biased answers. No one could really speak on behalf of "experiential truth" for the top 10 unless they have attended all 10.

  • I think you could get a wide variety of answers on this one, especially according to each major.

  • That's a tough question! You will probably get a bunch of biased answers, since it is difficult for a person to rate the top 10 unless they have attended all 10.

  • Too broad a question for most of us to answer.  Most folks may select the university they went to...  I think a lot of the big State Colleges offer a "balanced" education. But All Universities have the potential; mostly the student need to make room for the balanced part.

  • really depends. For example Columbia University is in NY, so there's plenty around off-campus. Brown, on the other hand...

  • All Education is a step forward.

  • Stanford and MIT are probably my top two that combine high academic standards without being completely full of themselves. I've always been impressed with their graduates. 

  • UNC Chapel Hill is one of them!

  • The answer to this question depends on many factors but personally I recommend going to community college first and getting the general studies out the way for much cheaper which will 99% of the time transfer as credits to a bigger school and save you a lot of money.

  • This is very subjective, price and access must factor in.