advancement of ai and the change in the market

With the rapid progression of ai I feel like jobs are shifting towards having to learn how to use ai to make bigger projects more manageable. This could mean lesser careers in jobs that are mundane and routine. Shall we discuss the implications of AI and its harm or its uses? Feel free.

  • No imaginable AI will ever be able to replace the complex human brain! This is the species that needs to be in control. We create AI, so we will need to be responsible to ultimately make the final decision. We already have seen restaurants in Japan that run mostly by robots. I am sure it will only get more popular, but remember, a job gone is a job created.

  • We are bound to see a revolution. AI should take the meaningless jobs and we should have less work time and more meaningful jobs. But for that to happen there must be a societal change. Otherwise we will have a mass of jobless people and just a hand full of AI trillionaires. 

  • I'm very pro-capitalism, but as AI and robots takes jobs, it absolutely makes sense to give our society a better safety net. 

  • Hot topics nowadays, don't think AI will eliminate any job but utilization of AI as a skill will be a core competitive advantage.

  • AI will help with some content creation jobs such as Copywriter.

  • Advancements in AI are increasing exponentially and will replace many mundane and repetitive jobs and tasks. It's essential to keep informed and have multiple skill sets to remain relevant and marketable.

  • Hmmm probably good for the top 10% of earners, and really bad for like bottom 40% of earners. It will hopefully be gradually implemented, but why hire people and make their lives easier with AI when you can hire 1 person and make them work hard with multiple AI systems?

    If I owned a business, it’s a no brainer to reduce cost by reducing employees.