Making a New Resume

Getting ready for a new career or job feels really overwhelming when it comes to making ones' credentials.

When you are making a new resume do you use a template with colors and 'graphic design' or just stick to nice organized text?

  • That's always important.  Always update it.

  • I just use a boring old resume with education and experience in chronological order. I've been told that templates are distracting and people don't take them seriously. But it depends on your field and if you want to stand out feel free to go crazy with a unique template. 

  • As someone who's written a lot of resumes lol, I think it's important to make it look nice and clean, but you're work and experience is the most important thing. It's what will get you the job so you want to make sure you have enough room to talk about your skills and experience. Make sure it's well organized and easy to read too. I've also read quite a few resumes and honestly, one's that are really 'busy" and just swarming in unorganized text get immediately passed over. 

    It's important to remember that recruiters and hiring managers are looking at dozens, if not hundreds of resumes every day so they need to be able to read through it and get a good understanding of you and your experience in like 2 minutes. 

    That being said, if you're applying for a job as a graphic designer, you might want to have a well designed resume template lol.

  • Nice organized text. I have found that some of the bigger companies use software that "reads" resumes and it doesn't always read them perfectly so my recommendation is to definitely use templates from Microsoft (as it seems to be the most automated friendly versions).

  • Nice and organized unless you are applying for a designer or artistic position. Keep it under 2 pages. Use key words and be succinct.

  • Choose a professional yet unique font and stick with a traditional format. Unless if you're in a creative field, don't go with colors or graphics. Though going with a grey or dark blue font can make yours stand out without being too crazy.

  • I would suggest simplistic is the best approach with no graphics and formats. I’ve heard that larger companies use resume reading software. So if the software can’t pick up your graphics and formats you may be out of luck and get overlooked. However, if your job requires graphics and marketing, etc. , not sure if they prefer the resume to showcase that. I would also suggest you check out your school’s career center, they usual help with resume writing

  • I have a master resume with everything so then I can just make a copy and tailor it to the job I am applying for 

  • I stick with a clean look of plain text.