Can you really get a tech job without a four-year degree?

We'd love to hear your take!

  • Greetings Ben & All, 

    Absolutely you can! I'm living proof. Over 4 decades being in the technology industry (1976) and taking in knowledge of technology on a daily bases, seminars, (Back then, mail in technical classes). All the certifications I could find both mail in, and now online! Volunteering to assist in small to large projects,  just to learn. 

    I've had several companies in technology, I have buried myself in Broadband RF, WiFi, Telecom, Satellite,  microwave, structured cabling,  CCTV, MATV, SMATV, security. 

    Yes, my businesses only did well for a 10 years or so at a time.

    The one thing I did not spend anytime on was business classes and I hate Office Administration.  

    My advice for those that hate "Core Classes" and want to pursuit technology? At least take some business classes.

    I'm 60 now actively pursuing my Project Management Cert. CCNA and others for the fun of it and enjoying DeVry University for sure. 

    But then again, my career will end with a BANG because my Boss is Elon Musk. Yes, I succeeded and all those supposed "fails"? We successfully built stepping stones! So, believe! Contact me anytime for mentorship. 

  • Awesome story Mark! What a finale!

  • Awesome story Mark! What a finale!

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