Can you really get a tech job without a four-year degree?

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  • Yes, but a degree still gives you greater opportunities.

  • Yes, but a degree gives you greater opportunity

  • For sure, it's all about the hands-on experience and that's what any company values the most. Degrees are good but they don't specifically tell anything about you but your projects do and your experience does.

  • This one is a bit of a complicated answer. It is certainly possible to get a tech job without a 4 year degree, but i feel there are some prerequisites that need to be met. You must have gotten involved in tech work SOMEHOW previously and have shown you can do what is required for the position. Whether it be from another job, a startup, or something you do on the side that generates value somehow. Most places only require a degree so that they can be relatively sure you are at least competent enough to do it or be able to learn to do it. 

  • I would actually say that you don't need a degree to get a job in tech. Because all you need is some experience with projects that have good use cases. And, then you have enough experience to start at a position in a tech company, make sure to grow your skillset and improve. 

  • Absolutely! Long as you can prove you have experience

  • Want a job as a xyz (Robotics, A.I., cloud, security) engineer?  Take a year of college courses. Pose a problem or two on your website.  Discuss the problem and offer a solution or two.  Then you can reach out for scholarship moneys or jobs at companies of interest.  Many companies will pay for your continued college work. Decades ago we worked only at one company.  Now we don't need to do one college.  Any many question the payback of 4-years at great cost.  

  • Yes, very doable and especially with google.

  • Wao, Mark. That is incredible. I too am trying to learn a lot within the technology industry but lately, it's been very technical rather than actual sectors of the Tech industry. How do I study up on sectors like I never really got than through academia?

  • Thank you, Artist39. I will look into those.