How Can I Start to Break Into My Field?

I am a second year Computer Science student and I find myself struggling to find things to put on my resume. I fear that I won't get any internship offers yet another summer if I don't build it up, but I don't know where to start. I go to a small private research university where most students get their first internship through their personal connections, which I don't have. Anyone have any advice?

  • Try to look for relevant experiences on campus that you can put on your resume like coding mentor, research assistant, technical assistant, club IT admin etc. Your professors can be a very reputable and resourceful referrals to start.

  • Good old-fashioned 'Networking" is the way to go.  Attend as many different social events as you can.  Speak to as many people as you can.

  • Post some projects online and display urls on your resume. Then work on creating a solid github. This should help.

  • Be sure to utilize LinkedIn to make some connections there.

  • Hi, my husband just retired from a Computer Science field and he gave me advice for you. He said that you need to start networking and get your name out there. Show by your enthusiasm, your attention to detail, your integrity, that you are the person for the job. Also, look in related fields that can be lateral moves later. Good luck and stay positive!

  • Consider volunteering to help some non-profit with their computer/it needs.   See if any of your friends, or their parents work for a company that has an IT department.  Maybe they can help you get some contacts there.  Consider asking if you can come in and help without pay, or for minimum pay to get the experience you want.

  • It's always about who you know. Get to know as many people as possible and network

  • Go out in person and offer your services as a intern to local businesses. Start there, may not be what you want but some experience is ALWAYS better than no experience.

  • There are online coding challenges that will build your skills and also can be something you can show to display your skills. I participate in Advent of Code every year (25 coding challenges, one each day 12/1 through 12/25).