Do you think internet (social media & apps) /phones (texting) has changed peoples ability to make in-person conversation ?

has made people more anxious ? afraid ? or losing the ability to connect 

  • I do think that it has changed how people interact. I can do just about anything on my phone without having to physically interact with anyone.

  • For the socially awkward people, probably more so In term of in-person conversation with strangers but at least there is an alternative to break the ice.

  • Yes it has given people a false sense of security to say things they wouldn’t say in a face to face encounter.  

  • To some extent yes I think that the internet and exchange through SMS has made people rely more on texting instead of actual conversation.

  • I knew a lot of people who didn't have anything interesting to say before texting, so not sure how much has really changed in my age range (30s). But I could definitely see it affecting youths differently, having that technology since they were young.