New Years Resolution Progress Checkin?

Happy February 1st! Did anyone maintain their resolutions heading into the 2nd month of the new year?

Did anything exciting happen last month? (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Goals/Accomplishments, or picked up a new hobby?)

I'm still maintaining the goal of learning something new every day and staying active daily!

  • Listen, January is a trial period for me. Real January starts today XD

    ive made some progress being more aggressive about following through with stuff, but I haven’t picked up a single weight yet. I’m still bench pressing 2 marshmallows 

  • Still working on New Year's resolutions as we head into February, too early to give up on them.

  • I didn't make any New Year's resolution (never do). So no need to maintain any. Or looking at it another way, I maintained them all.
    Nothing really exciting happened last month other than it actually getting cold for about a week and snowing a bit where I live, It actually felt like winter, which was nice. Though it's back to the above normal temps.

  • LOL, trial month, I need to remember that THX.

  • Didn't make any resolutions except vague ones without a solid timeline, so haven't really done anything (some organizing, so tiny progress there). 

  • I have started to Meditate on a more consistent basis like I planned.

  • That's an awesome goal!! I hope you can continue throughout the year! 

    Since I haven't made any resolution, I could say I have been successful.

    But this January has been full of surprises. Some really good and some not so much. 

  • I've been doing ok. I managed to survive another Veganuary- going Vegan for January. I tried new foods and ate out at restaurants and tried to find vegan things on the menu. Hopefully they were really Vegan and I wasn't lied to lol. And I'm not stressing out about things as much. So far so good. 

  • Good for you !  I did not make any special resolutions, so have not broken any.  LOL

  • Well, I haven't made much progress on reducing stress at work, so here's to more progress in February!