Crossroads: I’m being told I either am under or over qualified, so how do I find a job!?

I have a degree in business marketing. I have been applying for months, but I’ve not really gotten much in terms of interviews, and no job offers. The rejections all say that I either don’t have enough experience, while others say that I am overqualified, even though I’d be willing to work my way up from the bottom. How can I secure interviews if my application and qualifications are being rejected right from the start?

  • Referral would help a lot and maybe try smaller company who would be more personable I think

  • It can be a confusing and stressful process to search for a job in today's economy. Knowing whether you're under or over-qualified and feeling like you don't fit into either category can make the process especially hard. However, a few strategies may help people who find themselves in this situation.

    One option is tutoring online for international students. By tutoring students from other countries, you can learn about new cultures and broaden your horizons. Plus, tutoring online gives you the flexibility to work from home or wherever you choose.

    Another option is to look for jobs related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI technology is rapidly becoming more prevalent in the workplace, so positions that fit your qualifications may be available. Additionally, AI can help automate mundane tasks and create more efficient processes, which may lead to job opportunities.

    Finally, you can look into starting your own business. By doing so, you will be able to set your own hours and work with clients worldwide. Although it may require some preparation and research, owning a business can be a rewarding experience.

    You can find a job that fits your qualifications and experience by exploring these options. However, remember to remain patient and resilient throughout your job search — finding the right position may take some time. Good luck! With dedication and hard work, you can eventually find a job that is perfect for you.

  • I would tailor your resume for each job to make sure you meet the requirements. Don't use the same resume. 

  • I will always stress the importance of internships for business majors. I landed my first job while I was completing one I had the summer AFTER I graduated. 

  • Adjust your resume for every position. You can expand or leave things out as needed.

  • Give them the confidence that you would stick around if they show some form of progression

  • remove experience or you degree from your resume apply again

  • I would list only recent experience within the last few years or so and make sure you adjust your resume for every position.