Work-Life balance

How do you maintain a balance between career and family ?

  • know well family is available and work are time around that . as for work your hour  are usually the same

  • Make a schedule, find when you are not being efficient and find where you can be more efficient

  • You have to set boundaries in your workplace. Sometimes it may make sense to work longer, but that must be known ahead of time and communicated with your family. Always remember to put your family first. Work won't hesitate to fire you (at the end you are just a number), whereas your family will alway be there for you. Value those who value you the most!

  • Honestly, working from home helped my work/life balance TREMONDOUSLY... and I even put in more hours each day that I work from home.

  • No work/school during family time. Maintain that strictly and you are good!

  • I like putting together a schedule together and making sure that at least 1 day in the week I take off completely usually on Sundays.