How do you set goals in your career/education?

What types of goals do you set for yourself in your career, or in your studies?

Do you use any heuristics (like "SMART") to help with goal-setting?

Share your goals with the community!

  • I think it's always important to set goals, otherwise you are just going with the flow.

    First of all, I would like to say that your goals should only be shared to your direct manager, director or people you know that would contribute and help you achieving them. There are lot's of people that will not help or even actively work to stop you from reaching your goals. If your manager is one of those people, you should change jobs.

    Career wise, I would advise that you set three types of goals, one for advancing your career, one for learning and improving yourself, and one for networking. 

    Im terms of advancing your career, you should set e 2 year limit. If you don't advance or get really close to advancing in 2 years time, then you should move. You can move managers, areas, team, role, pay range, doesn't matter. The important part is that you have feasible results for those 2 years, because that's what management and HR expect from top performers and successful executives. That said, always have a 2 year plan for your very next step.

    Learning and improving should be related to the skill set you will need for the career advancement you expect. Work towards it and show the people you trust the advancements you have made. If there is any official platform from the company you work for, use it as much as possible before seeking external sources. Some companies have pre-set course paths for specific careers. Work on it.

    Last but not least, work on developing your network through meaningful conections. Do not connect just because someone is important and you might need them, fake connections might give the false sense of achievement but won't take you far. A middle manager that knows you well, likes you and vouches for your is way better than a director you have once or twice spoken to with no real connection. Set goals for your networking, because combined with results this is thr most important part for advancing your career.

    Hope it helps and share your thoughts in a reply here for me to know if this has helped you and if you think I should add any other goals to this thread.

    Kind regards