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Hello everyone,

I am a student at Strayer University! I am getting ready to enter my third term! I have had a tragic family loss and I have to admit I got a little behind on my coursework, but thankfully I have gotten caught up!! I want to ask everyone a question:

I have a Lenovo V15 laptop and I haven't even had it a whole year yet, but out of nowhere my display has started messing up as in the images fluttering and flipping. There have been lines all across my screen and when I would adjust my screen a little bit, sometimes it would get a little clearer and most times it would get worse!!

Has anyone ever had this issue with their laptop? Even if it's not the same make as mine, has anyone experienced this issue?

This issue has caused a great burden on me and while hoping for the best, the screen just completely went out which is what i was really afraid of because i don't have a lot of back up gadgets and my phone is not that fancy or updated to where I feel comfortable trying to do all my college assignments and projects on it. 

But if anyone knows of any kind of hacks, remedies, or any volunteer or discounted laptops available anywhere, please feel free to drop the advice and information!! I would be so very much grateful and thankful! God speed to everyone and I hope that everyone is enjoying life on earth for as long as we are giving the advantage of physical life and an opportunity to decide what's life all about and what living and living is all about!!

Thanks in advance,


Student of Strayer

  • I have had something like this happen on an old Toshiba computer.   Couple of thigs to try: 

    1) Run some anti-malware programs.  Here are 3 "free" ones. I would run all 3.  Malwarebytes;  SUPERAntispyware; and HitmanPro.   All 3 are free to download and use.  Run and remove anything found. 

    2) Make sure that you have all the latest Windows Updates installed. (Assume you are on Win10 or 11?)  And make sure that all of your drivers are up to date. Especially any video drivers.  Windows can do this, as can several freeware programs.   

    3) If you can't find a malware, trojan, etc;   As a last resort You can re-load Windows,  Under Settings  See System/ Recovery.  There are several options there.  

    Good luck

  • Hey ReRe, I am sorry about your loss. Do you still have the warranty? Usually you are covered during a year, and if you say you've had it less than a year then it probably will still be under warranty.

    If not, perhaps you'll need to get your laptop checked by a technician, it looks like your screen might be damaged. You could compare prices of fixing it vs getting a new laptop. Lenovo always has deals going on, it'll be worth checking those.

    Things will get better. Don't give up, you can do it!

  • That sound like something lose inside like the monitor connection to the laptop. I dough is malware. If you are not use to opening a laptop for repair, I suggest to get repair, either to warranty or PC repair shop.

  • Hi!

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I hope I can help with this info. 

    First things first, buy an external HD or flashdrives and do your backup. Or pay for Microsoft Office with OneDrive (it gives you Microsoft Office and many Terabytes of cloud storage) and do your backup!

    Second thing, open your laptop and try to replug (unplug and plug again) the screen connector. Sometimes it fixes the issue. If that is not the case, you may need a new cable or it may be a screen issue. Cable is cheap and easy to replace. Screen is not so cheap and not so easy. 

    Lenovo has great sales and you have extra discounts for participating in Lenovo Rewards! 

  • I had something like this once, too. In my case I had just to replace the cable of the screen. If your screen works in certain positions and gets black or flickers in others, then it's probably the cable in your case, too. 

  • I would definitely check to see if it's still covered under warranty first before attempting to do anything yourself as far as opening your laptop as that could void the warranty. If it's no longer covered and you end up not being able to fix it, Lenovo Outlet has a lot of inexpensive laptops.

  • Backup your drive with an external flash drive then do a Malware scan, super spyware & hitman pro. These are free to download. This should help. If not you may have to take it in so a professional can fix it.

  • Sending my deepest condolences on your family loss, Would suggest your perusing Ebay for discounted new laptops, and call around to local technical support people and explain your situation. Also contact Lenovo directly for help.

  • Reach out to Lenovo for warranty and troubleshooting.

  • Reach out to Lenovo for warranty and troubleshooting.