Hospital jobs that require only short term education/certification?

Hello everyone,

I recently was laid off due to the company going down, and I have a BA in biochemistry but I want to switch gears and work in a hospital/patient care environment to generate hours to apply for a PA program. (Need hours working in patient care in order to apply)

Does anyone have any awareness of jobs in a hospital that take less than a year of education/a certificate program to do? I was personally looking at surgical tech, and I'm trying to avoid the worse jobs like CNA or EMT 

Hope you guys had a good easter!

  • Doubt you can go straight to working in an operating room. ( I would not be happy if someone was there with zero experience during an operation I was having. )   

    - You may need to take one of those entry level jobs to gain experience, especially if you can only work part time.  Everyone has to do this in any almost any career.

  • I agree with Peter M, I will not want to know that in the hospital, special in surgeries someone that doesn't know fully what he's or she is doing.

    The hospital is the one place that I don't want no see or hear shortcuts.

    I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant, but it sounds like you're looking for shortcuts in the medical care.

  • Probably data entry, insurance related work. Other jobs might need at least 2 years to qualify for

  • Any hospital that hires surgical techs with less than a year of education to be in the operating room is.... scary to think about. If you really want to switch gears, go for the full requirements to be like a intensive care nurse because I hear that my nephew is making pretty decent money.

  • There's transport. Sounds like an entry level job, just walking people from place to place within the hospital for appointments in any of the departments (OR, MRI, ETC.) Pretty easy. Confirm identity, wheelchair transfers, lots of walking. Might not be the thing you are looking for, but maybe someone else is. I have been thinking about applying for this for a while. Good luck in your search.

  • You could go for something like a medical scribe; not as intense as CNA/EMT and the barrier to entry isn't bad.

  • A lab tech. or medical tech probably doesn't require more than 1-2 years training. 

  • Not my area but I am interested to follow the post. GL to you on your quest!

  • I'm not an expert here, but I am interested in hearing answers from others.