Hospital jobs that require only short term education/certification?

Hello everyone,

I recently was laid off due to the company going down, and I have a BA in biochemistry but I want to switch gears and work in a hospital/patient care environment to generate hours to apply for a PA program. (Need hours working in patient care in order to apply)

Does anyone have any awareness of jobs in a hospital that take less than a year of education/a certificate program to do? I was personally looking at surgical tech, and I'm trying to avoid the worse jobs like CNA or EMT 

Hope you guys had a good easter!

  • Phlebotomist, only requires high school degree and phlebotomist license which is usually 6 months or less of schooling and passing the state exam

  • My first thoughts were CNA since most classes only take a couple months, but since you want to avoid that I have no clue

  • Probably a technician of some sort wouldn't require too much previous training

  • I appreciate everyone sharing their advice and opinions - nice to see in the community.

  • Lots of infrastructure/maintenance jobs in health care. Opens the door to further advancement as well.

  • A CNA position might be the easiest to procure, otherwise would suggest an administrative position in the ER.

  • Phlebotomy is easy. <6 month of classes, pass a simple state exam and boom you are making >$20 / hour at most California hospitals/labs!

  • Perhaps intake, or billing

  • Probably data entry, insurance , IT related work. Other jobs might need at least 1 years to qualify for