Your Lessons

Hi everyone!

If you could create your own course, what would you talk about? 

What's a knowledge that you have, would be confident to talk about, and would like to share with others?

Appreciate your comments! 

  • Probably something about Personal Finance: How to save money, How to get better interest rates; a bit about the stick market; why bit coin etc is a Ponzi scheme and will eventually crash. etc...

  • This is an easy question! I can talk about a lot of things, but the one topic that I teacher for a living is math! So, I can talk about math all day long... from pretty basic to deep conversations.

  • That's quite interesting! I am sure many people would watch! 

  • Math is so cool! It's funny to connect to real concepts and see how abstract it can be. The multiple dimensions are wild! I remember the first time I connected the dots between the matrices and the multiple universes theory in physics! 

  • General Home maintenance and care.   Everyone needs to know the basics.   Don't just pay someone to do the easy stuff.   Plus it will allow you to understand when someone is trying to scam you on the bigger projects if you don't have time or want to complete them yourself.

  • Financial independence