Morning Stretches

Do you have a morning warm-up or stretch routine that you follow?   Do you go solo or as a team?  Looking for a nice intro program to follow.   Any ideas?

  • I may have to start some tranquil yoga in the morning but open to ideas.   Looking to work on flexibility and circulation.  

  • I have try for years to have a morning exercise rutting, but for me mornings are painful, my body refuses to wake up. What I am saying is that I do best exercise at nigh or evening.   

  • Usually just a good little sprint up/down the staircase

  • I recently started a 10 min stretch at my home desk at the start of the day, while I startup the computer and reflect on my plan for the day. 

  • Stretching, light weight sets, freshing up in the morning

  • Head straight outdoors when you get up. Movement is the key! Let that sunshine in your eyes. Wait a hour before coffee! Have a nice day!

  • My Morning workout is giving that toilet all it can handle

  • I wish I did, but I haven't done those lately. When I do, it's solo. I would suggest to follow some yoga tutorials online. 

  • I'm older, so I do some stretch exercises in bed before I even get up.  Then, more later when I'm more alert and up.

  • none at all besides lifting kids