Camping or Glamping?

Which do you prefer?   Are you a hiker, or biker, or do you prefer to chill by the pool while camping?   Got a favorite camp ground?

  • We are glampers and prefer chilling by the pool and playing family games.  However, we are going to go hiking this summer to try it out. 

  • The best experience is camping. Go to the Rocky Mountains and have the best time in your life with loved ones, especially kids who will remember! It was so remarkable for my family, we went back the next year. Go for at least 2 weeks!  

  • I like all of the above!! My favorite is backpacking but I also really enjoy car camping near lakes where I can paddleboard. Camping

  • Both have appeals to me.  I've been a camper for couple of decades and like that you can separate yourself for other groups if you avoid organized campgrounds.  The luxuries of glamping and no need to worry about organizing things is great though.

  • I don't really do much of any of them. I never went camping. I don't hike.

     I do like going in the woods. Nature walks, forest bathing, whatever you call it. Less formal and active than hiking. Just kind of wandering freely and breathing the freshest air. Soooo many health benefits have been recognized. Part of it is just getting away from it all. Leaving your phone and problems behind for an hour or so.  Just being...

    I don't do it nearly enough. Now I have a craving.

  • Glamping not camping haha

    Prefer hiking, think anywhere that's remote is nice.

  • I am a pedal pusher & love to ride my bike.  I like feeling in control & free as the wind.

  • I don't like to be more than 100 meters from an espresso machine. 

  • Camping and even Backpacking.  Though there are times when Glamping would be great after a long hike.

  • I really enjoy hiking