Rough kids

Little hiccup, my oldest has had his tablet for 3 years now, loves it. My middle (10) also loves it, but somehow keeps cracking screens even though we have a protector on it. Thoughts
  •   There are so many designs available for rugged covers for kids. Large rubber and silicone protective cases to keep devices safe with extra thick corners that should make it bounce next time it drops. Good luck finding a quality brand that will handle that treatment well.

     Really thought this ad was Samsonite >

    Just noticed this post is copy/pasted from another topic. Too late now. Damage is done. Already claimed this response for entries. Forget I was here.

    Nobody else reply. It's a copy topic.

  • I agree with this. My kids throw theirs around and these protectors have helped our tablets last!

  • My thoughts are that this post is an eerily almost identical cut-and-paste post taken from this other user...

  • I probably should have posted my warning earlier as I noticed this was most likely a spam/scam post as I replied to the original one a couple of weeks ago. I almost replied to this one last week as well until I also realized it was just a copy-and-paste post.

    I would think your use of comment for giveaway entry would still be valid even if this thread gets deleted since it's no fault of your own. If not, none of our entries would be safe from users just deleting their own posts at any time that other users have already commented on.

    That being said, I agree that it's still best to try to avoid using comments on spam/scam posts for giveaway entries.

  • I did dig this one up in least popular. It was slipping away before I bumped it. I saw you replied to the other one before. Didn't look very closely at any of it until it was too late. Wah-wah. Should we maybe point out these clones with links to the originals more often? or just let them wither from lack of attention?

  • I've been playing the "whack-a-mole" report abusive post game for the more dangerous spam/scam posts. This one would have been more difficult to report since the report function doesn't let you submit any other explanation or info. I'm still surprised by how many members replied to the obvious Temu scam post over at gaming last week before it eventually got deleted...

    I'm hoping the big new updates to all the community forums next month help cut down on all the spam/scam posts. It's supposed to contain better moderation/reporting features.

    I think some of the scammers have also been cut-and-pasting threads as a way of testing the system before they start posting their spam. I've also seen a lot of cut-and-paste comments from spammers as well. I think some users are also automating their duplicate posts as a way to try to take advantage of the reward points program as well, but usually quickly delete their posts afterwards. I think I thought that was going to be the case with this post and that's why I didn't report or comment on it when I noticed it.

    It probably couldn't hurt to still flag any obvious fishy posts, but since this one wasn't that dangerous as it didn't contain any malicious links, I figured I'd just wait and see what happens after the big update.

  • Do you know if edu is getting updated, too? It's kind of obvious that it probably would be, but I have not explicitly heard that. Hear a lot about gaming renovation.

    I have noticed a long history of strings of users acting identically, sequentially, minutes apart, often with similar names. That has slowed down significantly, but recently I did get a series of notifications that an obscure, old post I made was being liked every day by different users. Not something I think should be illegal, but certainly a red flag to keep an eye on.

  • You need a smart phone from huawei the powerful screen ever

  • It was mentioned during one of the Legion streams that all 3 communities will be getting updated. Gaming at least is also going global with all the regional gaming communities getting combined into one. It'll be interesting to see how that one plays out as some of what we post is sometimes only for a specific region. I think they're still going to keep the giveaways separate though since many countries have different laws about giveaways.

  • Keep them seated while using only indoors or on car trips. I'd get a sleeve for these!