Educational Goals | 2023

College is once again upon many of us.

Looking back on your educational career, what are your goals or hopes for this year? Have you thought about making any changes to your path or plan? Leave your story in the comments below!

  • I am thinking about going back to get another Master's but in school counseling.

  • I am thinking about going back to get a Master's in Business Administration. 

  • About to enter school again for a masters degree! Hope to learn something new and earn the degree on time!

  • I have already completed my formal education but I am looking at going back for specific certificates for my industry.

  • In current economy, it's best to focus on investing in self

  • Goals should be the same whether in school or not; learn as much as you can to be better at your job, your relationships and caring for your family. Nothing should ever change there.

  • I'm planning on doing a bunch of online courses for Unity game development through

  • To late to change the plan. After graduating to find that nothing I studied applied anymore,  I should have never went to college

  • For me it's time to go back to work!

  • I am now retired but looking back I think I choose the right path. Chose something you love to do and the rewards with be immense.