Christmas is almost here, what are your Plans?

  • There are always a time to study, a time for work, and a time to celebrate.

  • Christmas is still far away! So no plans for now, ask again when it's closer.

  • A time for spiritual reflection and for getting gifts for loved ones.

  • Spend Time With My family.

  • Spending time with family.  Hoping my military son will be home for Christmas for the first time in 4 years!

  • My plans are to Relax and eat and enjoy the Holiday season.

  • Spend time with family. Hopefully be able to relax more and enjoy things

  • Hopefully, I'll be playing with a new Lenovo Legion Go for Christmas...

  • Cabin Airbnb for a long weekend of zero society, just family time, cooking, games and some winter sledding with the kids!

  • No plans at the moment. Christmas is too far away to think about it yet.