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  • Are you a student, teacher, parent, or other?
  • What subjects do you enjoy learning about the most?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What's your favorite meal of the day? (bonus: favorite food?)
  • How did you find this community?
  • I'll start! Smiley

    Are you a student, teacher, parent, or other?
    - I'm a perpetual student, although I'm not in any official curriculum.
      I love to read books and listen to audiobooks, plus use YouTube to learn new things each day.

    What subjects do you enjoy learning about the most?
    - Self-development, leadership, and content tech are my main areas! I also love music production.
      I'm a Communications major, with a minor in Music from UNC Chapel Hill.

    What hobbies do you have?
    - Definitely gaming & content creation Sweat smile
      But also, playing guitar and fitness! 

    What's your favorite meal of the day? (bonus: favorite food?)
    - BREAKFAST all the way! I always do it big; bacon, eggs, bagels, and coffee every morning Smiley

    How did you find this community?
    - I'm the US Community Manager for LenovoEDU, so I help add new content and chats to this site each day.
      Nice to meet you all!

  • I just turned 60 years old and have been a Caregiver for nearly 13 years.

    As intimidating as becoming a student at this age appears initially, I am looking forward to learning new skills. Never too old to learn, right?!

    Due to intense and very demanding physicality of type of care giving I provided during COVID Pandemic, I routinely pushed beyond my physical limits which has forced me to drastically reduce number of clients I continue to provide care for in their homes.

    Therefore, I am currently "switching gears" to allow my body to recover as best it can as I pursue higher education. 

    YouTube is my daily "go to" online resource. Cooking for others is necessity so I watch many food prep videos, paying particular attention to nutritional benefits relating to maintaining optimal health.

    While adjusting to this different lifestyle, my goal is to learn a skill set which allows me to work remotely from home PART time so that I may simultaneously continue providing care for those currently in my life.

    Though demands of my job leaves little time for me to pursue my own hobbies, a sample of my wide ranging interests include:

    sustainable living, music/entertainment, innovative technology, extremely interested in the human condition/experience and impact technology has on our lives in ALL capacities.

    Found this community while researching Lenovo laptops before my next purchase.

    Looking forward to meeting you all.

    • Are you a student, teacher, parent, or other?

    No kids - a musician, also student/teacher (I learn & teach all the time).

    • What subjects do you enjoy learning about the most?

    All kinda things, I do focus on music, art, technology & psychology the most. 

    • What hobbies do you have?

    Walk, play video games, friendships, comic book conventions, board games

    • What's your favorite meal of the day? (bonus: favorite food?)

    Dinner - Beef & Rice bowls are up there, though I love all kinds of food: Sushi, Pasta a la Bolognesa, Tacos, Mole, Pizza, etcetc!

    • How did you find this community?

    I bought a Legion i7 & found the Lenovo site.

  • Amazing story Lisa! It's never too late for us to become students Slight smile

    Happy to have you hear with us! Do you have a specific remote work skillset you're after, or are you still in an exploration phase?

  • Love meeting fellow musicians & gamers!
    Do you have a "main" instrument you use the most?

    Happy to have you with us Hector! Slight smile

    • I'm a student and I'm Nigerian.
    • At the time I don't have a favorite subject, sadly.
    • I enjoy reading, learning new stuff, I use Twitter a lot and I don't joke with food.
    • Every meal of the day is worth it plus I think I'm obsessed with chicken.
    • I found the community whilst scouting for scholarships on
  • Welcome Amarachiee! 
    I'm right there with you on Twitter and food.... a deadly combination Smiley
    Are you applying for our scholarship this month?

  • Hello, I'm a teacher in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. I'm the technology integration specialist for a independent K-8 school. I also teach Photoshop, 2D Animation, Computer Science, etc... I love to travel, take photos and videos. I grew up in Southern California and love Mexican cuisine. 

  • Hello All,

    I am a recent retired educator/administrator of 40 years. I am a retired Educational Technology supervisor. I enjoy learning new educational technologies and tools.  I enjoy learning about new discoveries in history.  I recently joined a Domino club and it is an amazing game.  I enjoy a good salad for lunch.  Like having unsual ingredigents in my salads.  I am not sure how I found this community.  I do recieve emails from Lenovo and I have a Lenovo device.  I must have registered my device and was sent an email about this community.  Looking forward to learning new from the community.

  • Are you a student? Everyone's student. But I am enrolled in a school.

    What subjects I enjoy? I enjoy learning programming and new languages the most.

    Hobbies? Playing cricket, computer games like shell shockers.

    Favorite Meal? Anything that has a nice dessert at last.

    Community is helpful and active. Nice Blush