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  • Are you a student, teacher, parent, or other?
  • What subjects do you enjoy learning about the most?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What's your favorite meal of the day? (bonus: favorite food?)
  • How did you find this community?
  • Welcome Matthew!
    I love the PNW, and all things Photoshop as well Slight smile What travel spot is on your wishlist to visit next?

  • Welcome Linda!
    Great to have you with us, amazing background in education Slight smile

    You've got me curious.... what unusual ingredients do you like in your salad??

  • Welcome Abhineet! 
    Thanks for joining us Slight smile

    Do you have a favorite dessert of any kind?

    • Are you a student, teacher, parent, or other?

    I'm a library employee, which means I'm typically learning something new all the time..

    • What subjects do you enjoy learning about the most?

    I like random facts and being surprised, so I can't claim any favorites.

    • What hobbies do you have?

    Collecting fancy pens, knives, and other everyday carry items.

    • What's your favorite meal of the day? (bonus: favorite food?)

    Breakfast. I like to cook myself omelettes on my day off. Days I work, I typically am more excited about dinner.

    • How did you find this community?

    ...I don't recall. I do know that I own a Thinkpad T430 that is unfortunately suffering a failing hard drive, so I figure I must have signed up for a newsletter or something somewhere.

  • Welcome to the community Christopher!

    Totally agree with breakfast, same as you I cook eggs every chance I get Slight smile
    Also, awesome hobby! Do you have any favorites from the collection?

  • Hi I'm a student I enjoy learning the most about technology an coding my hobbies are PC repair as well as desktop an cell phone repair as well my favorite meal is an will always be pizza I found this community from my school laptop surprisingly

  • Welcome to the community Cody! Happy to have you Slight smile

    Do you hope to work in PC/tech down the road?

  • Hi, I am a student and new to this forum. Have been a long time Lenovo fan for years!
    I enjoy my surfing class, although it's not part of my curriculum haha
    I love sushi, I could eat it every day lol
    I found out about this community through a giveaway a few months ago!

  • Hello, I am a stay at home parent of a new 11th grader. I like technology. When I first started, I was scared, now I take off running. Daily, you will see me with 3 different types of electronics at once. I should go to school for technology,, except  I like learning on my time.  My spouse is impressed at how far I have come.  I like to enter sweepstakes, won a few things & recenlty 2 trips. No favorite meal. Favorite food is Lasagna. Saw there was a sweepstakes lol, and came to enter as well as update my profile.