Who has wanderlust?

Who has wanderlust? Looking ahead, where do you want to explore? 

  • I can raise my hand to this one. I really wanna go to Japan but ever more so Russia. 

    At the very least: St. Petersburg Russia. Better yet: hope I can get my master's there at the state uni there since they have this really cool location where it is on like a mini island sort of structure. That and the uni there has an excellent mathematics-game theory program.

  • Ooo, great one - I don't often hear Russia for these kinds of questions, but it's beautiful! I have to agree with Japan, it's always been on my bucket list. Maybe once the pandemic clears up a bit Slight smile

  • Places not touched by human

  • I would love Heart️ to have a passport full of stamps of foreign places I only get to read about or see on Television Tv.

  • I want to explore China and Egypt. China for the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Egypt to see the pyramids up close. 

  • The Himalaya and Patagonia, or the Alps

  • I feel like I want to travel all over the world but for some reason Japan really captures me. 

  • Egypt has so many historical treasures... I just wish the country was a bit more stable 

  • who doesn't the world is so big

  • I've been wanting to go on long hikes to find rare views. My problem is I want to share the views but can't convince people to go with me.