Subscription as a Service the future of education?

I've noticed that most of the learning tools used for learning in school are mostly subscription based. With the exception of youtube, most of the well known resources charges you by the month, and it adds up fast. Do you think there's a better solution, alternative method, or a new future trend in education? Or will it all become subscription based?

  • I can def see programs become more subscription based and trending in that direction.  Some that I can already see this indicated and can think of off the top of my head are the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, etc amongst many others.  To me this is a way for them to make more money and tie you down to using there software, and/or force you to find an alternative which may be sub-par

  • The better solution is PDFs in personal drives! Those subscriptions are ridiculous! Education shouldn't have such a hideous paywall!! 

  • Welcome to the world we live in; where everyone is out to make as much money as they can.  LOL  I find some of the Youtube based quite good, even better than many paid.   But in today's world I would not be surprised to see someone CHARGING "patrons" for links to those free Videos, and to Free PDF's!   I do think that students will always be looking for better ways to learn; usually with less effort... So it only makes sense that folks will try to make a business to fill those needs.

  • Unfortunately, the folks that provide online learning tools are all about the money, So, subscription based learning tools are here to stay.

  • And they are costing districts a load of money, which funds could potential go towards teacher pay!!!! Just saying...

  • Sadly districts are relying on these to help students learn various skills and also for teacher performance in some cases. 

  • Eventually it will all become free. It's the way of the internet. Unless of course government interferes and outlaws it.

  • As long as you have a need and there is a tool to fill it there will be a price. Hopefully, as there is more competition the price will go down.

  • Unfortunately this is the way the world seems to be moving toward. Subscriptions for everything. Unless the consumers start refusing to purchase based on this model, we won't be seeing a change towards something different.

  • Sadly, almost everything is for profit these days, including education. I assume that subscription based services that are required for classes are included in the cost of a schools tuition or class fee, so we don't generally think about those unless trying to utilize the tool or service outside of a university setting. Even higher education itself (traditional 4 year college program) can be considered a subscription based model. You pay tuition to go every year.

    Hopefully free alternatives will not truly ever disappear, but I think that they will become the exception to the norm.